Ready for the Daily Grind?


Follow manufacturers recommended use on both the grinder and stone/disk 

Ensure grinder has a guard and it is installed correctly 

Never use a grinder with the guard removed or modified 

Do not sit down a grinder while still rotating and if dropped inspect the wheel/disk for damage right away for damage 

Always test a new wheel/disk in a safe area where it can do no harm 

Always wear hearing, eye, face and hand protection appropriate for the grinding being done 

Use only grinding stones and disks matched to RPM rating of grinder 

Ensure grinding wheels/disks are in good condition, otherwise remove from service immediately 

Inspect for chips, cracks, and loose retainers prior to use and throughout the shift 

Respiratory protection may be required, check SDS of both the grinding wheel/disk and material being ground prior to start of job for hazards 

Secure loose clothing, remove rings, and watches prior to use 

Grinding can produce sparks, ensure grind-ing area is free of combustibles 

To secure the grinder during use, firmly grasp the side handle with all fingers and keep a firm handhold on the rear handle 

Never operate grinder without proper training 

Never operate a grinder without the side handle installed properly 

Small work pieces should be held by a vise while using a portable grinder. If the pieces are too small to handle they should not be machined with a grinder. 

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