Cleans Up Nice!


Most of us have housekeeping duties at home, however, we sometimes overlook good housekeeping as a key duty on the job, too. The orderly arrangement of our work area is vital to the safety of all workers, regardless of our position or task. 

Poor housekeeping often results in not just inefficiency but injuries, most frequently in slip/trips and falls (STFs). When it comes to STFs the most current statistics include: 


  • 15% of all accidental deaths are from falls; 2nd leading cause behind motor vehicles
  • Over 17% of all disabling occupational injuries result from falls
  • 25% of reported on the job injury claims/year comes from slip/trips and falls

Top Ten Benefits of Good Housekeeping

  1. It opens the door for deeper safety discussion and observations. It is counterproductive to talk about serious safety concerns like PPE use, working at heights when it happens in a work area that is cluttered and untidy.
  2. It shows a sense of order: Good housekeeping is an indication that the rest of the workplace is well managed and the culture values safety, quality and efficiency.
  3. It exposes potential hidden hazards. Clutter covers leaks, maintenance issues, and safety concerns.
  4. It improves productivity by increasing efficiency. By having a clean and orderly work area tools and materials are easier to find and work areas are less likely to be congested with useless tools, rubbish, unused or unusable materials.
  5. A clean work area reduces the potential for fire hazards.
  6. It reduces slip and trip hazards. Cords, equipment and materials on the floor or obstructions to a work area cause tripping hazards. The additional distractions that come with unorganized areas will add to the odds of tripping over something that you knew was there, however, were too preoccupied to notice.
  7. It aids emergency response: Walkways and escape routes are easier to identify in an emergency situation and much easier to access.
  8. When a work area is kept organized and clean it becomes much easier to identify missing items materials.
  9. An organized work area will have materials safely and neatly sacked, reducing the chances of falling materials causing injury.
  10. A clean and organized work area creates good first impressions and conveys the professionalism of all who work in that area.
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