OSHA Top 10


On October 26, during the National Safety Congress and Expo OSHA announced its list of the agency's TOP 10 violations for fiscal year 2018. The list notes the violated regulation and the number of violations based on preliminary data. 

The TOP 10 violations cited by OSHA in the fiscal year 2018 are as follows: 

1. Fall Protection - General Requirements: 1926.501, with 7,720 violations 

2. Hazard Communication: 1910.1200, with 4,552 violations 

3. Scaffolds - General Requirements: 1926.451, with 3,336 violations 

4. Respiratory Protection: 1910.134, with 3,118 violations 

5. Lockout/Tagout: 1910.147, with 2,944 violations 

6. Ladders: 1926.1053, with 2,812 violations 

7. Powered Industrial Trucks: 1910.178, with 2,294 violations 

8. Fall Protection - Training Requirements: 1926.503, with 1,982 violations 

9. Machine Guarding: 1926.212, with 1,972 violations 

10. Personal Protective and Lifesaving Equipment - Eye and Face Protection: 1926.102, with 1,536 violations 


The top 10 violations accounted for an estimated total of 32,266 violations, based on preliminary data for FY 2018. Patrick Kapust, OSHA's Deputy Director of the Directorate of Enforcement Programs who presented the preliminary top 10, reminded those in attendance that these numbers were only for the federal agency and did not include violations found by state enforcement agencies. 

It was noted by Mr. Kapust that this is the first year in which Personal Protective and Lifesaving Equipment—Eye and Face Equipment and Fall Protection—Training Requirements (29 CFR 1926.102 OSHA Safety and Health Regulations for Construction) have appeared in the list of top 10 violations. 

OSHA Fatal 4 

This week we will share and discuss the 4 leading causes of death in the workplace: Falls, Caught Between Objects, Struck By Objects and Electrocution. It is essential that our team remain aware of their surroundings and ensure they take proper precautions at all times. The best defense against becoming a statistic is to remain aware of our surroundings, actively participate in our JHA system and always notify your direct supervision when you suspect something is un-healthy or hazardous in your work area. 


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