It's the Most Wonderful Time....

From a specialty welding services company primarily within the nuclear industry, to a mechanical/construction company - 2017 saw a great transition here at Wachs Services. 

During this time, we’ve continued to do good work keeping our attention on safety. 

  • Our EMR (Experience Modification Ratio) dropped from 0.59 to 0.55, an impressive, peer group leading testament to our safe production commitment to each other, and to our clients. 
  • Our OSHA rate is currently at 2.5, which within our NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) of 2.8 shows us better than average, however that does leave room for improvement. 
  • We’re still on track towards our goal of 4 million hours without a lost time incident. Our total  currently stands at 3.86 million hours worked with no lost time.  

With all of our statistics and safety KPIs, it is worthy of mention that these numbers come from 3 people on our team who were hurt, needlessly. Each injury can be prevented, and we should expect that of ourselves and each other. 

Transitioning our tasks and our clients, it becomes even more important to challenge one another on safe behaviors and also be open to questioning, we are truly in this together.  

Our work going forward still depends upon the unbeatable quality and safety that Wachs has made its’ standard. Just as important today as when we conducted work on nuclear sites, our safety program will help secure future work in the general and heavy construction industries. The numbers we generate on our safety KPIs serve not just each of us, but also present the best foot forward to both our clients and our insurance carrier. When our injuries and losses go up we lose the opportunity to bid good jobs with choice clients and our insurance rates skyrocket, increasing Wachs overhead cost.  

As we begin 2018 remember: the tools upon which we built Wachs safety success have not changed. Our committed and knowledgeable teams, Wachs’ JHA, Collaborated Safety Procedures and our instilled questioning attitude will all make a positive difference on our new path forward.

The new year gives us a chance to start with a clean slate, a renewed focus and the opportunity to make our business safe, productive and profitable for all of us.

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Enjoy a Safe & Happy Holiday,
and here's to a productive, successful New Year for us all!