In Case You Weren't Aware....

Developed by military strategist Col John Boyd, the OODA Loop (Observe, Orient, Decide, Act) was created to help pilots gain advantage over their adversaries in the air.  By using the same process, we can attain the advantage over our environment and help increase Situational Awareness and safety.


OBSERVE your area

  • Who can interfere with your safety?  
  • Where are my bump hazards?  
  • Do I have body positioning to be aware of?  
  • Are there sharp edges I need protection from?  

ORIENT - assess your area 

  • Do I have a clean area and sufficient space to perform my task? 
  • Can I perform my task safely with the way the area is situated?  
  • Should I STOP and contact a supervisor to mitigate hazards and/or modify areas?
  • Do I have the proper equipment/protection?

DECIDE your next steps

  • Is it safe to continue?


  • If you take it to the job site then bring it back!  
  • Clean up after yourself, including break areas. 
  • Promote Professionalism. 
  • Keep your work area clean and organized. 

Remember, your every action impacts your environment. Each step along the OODA loop continually feeds into the following step. Constantly put yourself, your actions, and your area through this process to attain Situational Awareness and safety for yourself and others.

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