PPE - You Wear It Well.

More than 90% of all workplace injuries fall into three categories: hand lacerations, eye injury and sprains/strains. With a little thought and effort, and properly following procedures, we can mitigate these injuries and the hazards that lead to them.

PPE is our last line of defense against a hazard and possible injury and should only be used once we have exhausted all reasonable options of both Engineering and Administrative Controls.

PPE can be almost anything that an employee wears to minimize workplace exposures - clothing, hard hats, safety glasses or goggles, face shields, ear plugs and muffs, respirators, gloves, boots and other items that protect against physical, biological, electrical, chemical, airborne and other hazards. 

No matter what PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) you wear, it is always essential to follow established Wachs safety procedures.

Even the best PPE, if not worn correctly will not protect you. Removing safety glasses, not wearing fall protection correctly, only partially inserting ear protection… these and others account for numerous injuries (and worse) that could have been prevented each year. 

Never hesitate to ask questions about the PPE you are wearing and replace PPE that is worn out or does not fit well. We work hard as a Team to identify, and eliminate or mitigate hazards. 

We begin a new year and the good habits we establish this week can be carried into the rest of the year and beyond to ensure that everyone goes home safely. 


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