Eliminate the Strain


Strains and sprains are 100% preventable in the workplace, yet the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports this injury is not only the most common, but in 2015 caused 421,610 lost work days. The cumulative human and financial cost of these injuries is staggering. Even mild sprains can take up to 14 days to heal fully, whereas more severe ones can take around a month or more.

At Wachs, strains and sprains accounted for 16% of all injuries in the past 7 years.

Be #WachsSafe:

By planning our work, recognizing tasks which have potential to result in a sprain or strain, and developing and following through with Team generated solutions to resolve those issues, we continue to work to eliminate these incidents. Sprains and strains can be prevented by warming-up before exercising, lifting using proper techniques, using engineering controls by utilizing equipment to lift if necessary, and wearing properly fitting shoes.