Driven to Extremes?

Aggressive driving involves deliberate behaviors that put people and property at risk, such as speeding, running red lights, tailgating, cutting off other drivers, and weaving through traffic. Usually, it includes a combination (or all) of the above. And if a driver moves beyond acting out in frustration and actually tries to use their vehicle to do harm, aggressive driving becomes “road rage,” a criminal offense. 

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Risky Business

Wachs has numerous tools and systems that overlap that when used provide consistent evaluation of our ever-changing environments. One of the best proactive systems we have is our JHA. When used prior to the job, and as needed throughout the job, this system provides sustainability within our EHS program, which will carry over into our productivity, quality and ultimately our reputation within the industry.

Prevention of loss, whether it is personally or professionally, is a goal we all should strive to achieve.

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