Machining Services

Wachs offers precision field machining plus the ability to design and build equipment
to your specifications, for your application.

Our 50,000 sq. ft. facility and state-of-the-art CNC machining equipment, brings you
both in-house and on-site specialty services.

    • Certified Machinists

    • Customized Machinery

    • In-Place Flange Facing

    • Milling Operations

    • Stud Removal

    • Mock-up Training

    • Precision Grinding

    • Precision Hole Induction

    • Boring Bar Operations

    • Special Engineering

    • "O" Ring Groove Machining

    • Precision Compound Beveling

    • Pipe and Vessel Cutting

    • Remote/Robotic Specialty Equipment

    • Dismantlement & Decommission Service



    rapid response

    Wachs delivers solutions quickly - our equipment and personnel are available virtually anywhere in the world. Our Belmont, NC office is stocked with a wide variety of machining equipment, including boring bars, portable mills, O.D. mounted "split frame" pipe cutters, end prep lathes, flange facing equipment and hydraulic power units. 

    Wachs' crews and equipment can be dispatched to you on short notice in emergency situations or long-term for scheduled contract maintenance work.


    Wachs cold cutting pipe machines can produce a precision machined finish on pipe containing natural gas, crude oil and petrochemical products quickly, without risk of fire and explosion. Our pipe machines can be adapted to operate remotely, in hostile environments to reduce radiation exposure to personnel and satisfy ALARA requirements.


    Wachs delivers solutions quickly
    - virtually anywhere
    in the world!