415 Power Supply

The Model 415 Power Supply can control third party positioners and welding manipulators. The Model 415 incorporates a powerful automation controller designed to meet the challenges of the most demanding welding applications. At the heart of the power supply is an industrial computer programmed via a large 12" touch screen or keyboard. The intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) makes programming easy using standard welding industry terminology and clearly organized input fields.

Compatible with most AMI pipe weld heads.


For rental rates & availability contact
Joe Smith at

704-967-0187 or


  • Input Power: 200 - 575 VAC service, 3-phase 50/60 Hz
  • Weld Current: 5-400 A, 100% Duty Cycle
  • I/O Devices: 2 USB ports. RS232 serial interface,
       Data Acquisition Output, Ethernet over fiber optic
  • Memory Capacity: Over 1000 Weld programs
  • Water Cooling: Included
  • Dimensions

                               H: 39" (990 mm)

                               W: 26" (660 mm)

                                L: 36" (915 mm)

  • Weight: 710 lbs. (325 kg)