AMI Guide Rings

Arc Machines Models 2, 15 and 52 feature a precision machined guide ring to provide a method of mounting the weld head to the pipe and to provide a "track" for the weld head to run on. These rings are available for both (conventional) OD welding applications as well as internal diameter (ID) versions. A flat version is also available for straight seam welding.


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Superior to friction-drive type rings, Arc Machines guide rings incorporate a spur gear drive mechanism for precise speed control, minimal backlash and long life. Accuracy of weld head tracking whether you are welding in the 2G, 5G or 6G position, is assured via tapered rollers on the weld head which mate with a matching tapper on both sides of the guide ring.

Spring-loaded feet spaced equally around the ID of the ring make it easy to mount the ring concentrically to the pipe. Each ring comes with extension feet to facilitate its use on the next smaller size pipe. Extension feet are available to configure the ring size down three additional pipe sizes.

Guide rings are available in all standard inch and metric pipe sizes from 4" through 48".