Wachs Services

About Wachs Services

Wachs Services is committed to safety, to quality and to outstanding performance at value pricing. This translates to cost savings for our clients and repeat business for us. Our well-trained and experienced workforce, together with state-of-the-art welding and machining technologies and equipment, ensures that projects are completed timely and to specification. Whether it is rapid deployment of on-site machining or welding services, added manpower, equipment rental, engineering support, custom machinery or a turnkey package... WACHS DELIVERS.

Wachs Services offers precision fielding machining and a capacity to design and build equipment for specific applications to include Pipe and Vessel cutting, in-place flange facing, "O" Ring Groove Machining, Precision Hole Induction, Milling Operations, Boring Bar Operations, Precision Grinding, Stud Removal, Remote Robotic Equipment, and Dismantlement and Decommissioning services. Our cold cutting pipe machines can produce a precision machined finish on pipe containing natural gas, crude oil, and petrochemical products quickly without risk of fire and explosion. Our equipment and personnel are available virtually anywhere in the world. Our crews and equipment can be dispatched on a short notice emergency situation or long term for scheduled contract maintenance work.

If you encounter machining problems, Wachs can deliver solutions quickly. Our Belmont, NC facility is stocked with a wide variety of machining equipment, including boring bars, portable mills, O.D. mounted "split frame" pipe cutters, end prep lathes, flange facing equipment and hydraulic power units. Our pipe machines can be adapted to operate remotely, in hostile environments, which can also reduce radiation exposure to personnel and satisfy ALARA requirements.

Wachs Services has participated in key commercial and government nuclear and non-nuclear decommissioning and dismantlement projects from segmentation of reactor vessels and steam generators to complete refinery dismantlement. Our project managers assure your project is completed on time and within budget. We have a database of more than 5,000 highly skilled craft workers ready to mobilize to almost any job site they are needed, nationwide.

Wachs Services is committed to quality in the workplace. The Wachs Services, Belmont, NC facility is headquarters for welding certifications. Training stations, mock-up areas, and state-of-the-art multi-process welding systems are maintained to qualify technicians in all process and exotic alloys. Wachs Services has complete Quality Assurance program that meets the requirements of 10CF50, Appendix B, ASME NAQ-1, and ANSIN45.2. In addition, Wachs Services holds a current National Board "R" and ASME "S" stamp certifications. Our staff and technicians are required to adhere to (10CFR26 & 73) fitness for duty regulations and security screening to meet rigid industrial safety and quality standards.

Wachs Services delivers the industry's most professional and efficient decommissioning, field machining, and welding services.